The right weather conditions for carp fishing.

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We sometimes get confused by all the opinions and advise we get about the ideal weather conditions for fishing. I came across an interesting article on the internet about weather conditions when you fish for carp. This article describes the basic things to look out for when planning a trip or when you are at the water.

The weather will influence temperature, wind direction, wind strength, air pressure and oxygen concentrations within the water. The state of these conditions will affect the location, as well as how and when carp feed. A sudden change in weather can affect normal feeding patterns and cause us to find new areas to target carp.  


The direction of the wind can have a big impact on where and how far to fish for carp. The strength of the wind is also important. It has been said that the stronger the wind blows the better the carp bite. In stronger winds a lot more food particle are pushed around by the undertow currents. The disbursement of the particles are also affected by the amount of structure in the water like grass, rocks, dead trees, etc.

I also read that a strong wind can push the thermo cline layer further down towards the bottom. Because carp will often follow the warmer layers of the water, a strong wind helps push more carp to the bottom and therefore closer to angler’s bait.


I think one of the biggest influences for a carp to feed is the warmth of the water. The more the water temperature drops the more they tend to slow down and prefer to shoal up in warmer areas or any thermal layers present in the water. I believe the opposite is true as well. The wormer it is the more slugging the fish become.

The temperature of the air and water will have a major impact on the location and possible feeding of carp. Air temperature will have an eventual effect on the temperature of the water, so for this reason they are related to some degree and can affect how the carp will behave. If the weather suddenly goes cold it doesn’t necessarily mean the water temperature will immediately drop. The air temperature will often have to stabilize and remain cold for a few days in order for it to transpose through to the entire water depths. Therefore, the deeper a dam the more time it takes to change the water temperature.

Carp love to be warm so they’ll generally seek out the warmer thermal layers of the dam. Thermal layers will be present in most dams, especially the deeper, high water volume dams. The depths of these thermal layers will also vary depending on the depth of the water and the temperature of the air. It seems carp often head for shallow areas that receive direct sunlight, even if there are thermal layers within the dam at conditions like a cold winters morning.  

Air Pressure

Air pressure is an important point to consider when thinking about fishing for carp. The air pressure will ultimately affect the level of oxygen in the water. Carp need oxygen to function properly, including searching for food. If the water oxygen levels are low carp tend to become sluggish and lazy, it’s like they cannot get enough energy to feed. High pressure usually means a warm spell which doesn’t replace enough oxygen that is being used up by fish, plants, etc. Low pressure often means wind and rain, which will oxygenate the water. This is why it’s much better to fish for carp on days when air pressure is low. I believe the best time to head to the water is when the pressure drops. It’s worth being a little cold and wet if it means a greater chance of catching bigger carp. Look for an air pressure reading below 1000mb as this is considered low pressure. A reading above 1010mb is considered high air pressure.

The air pressure will ultimately affect the depth at which the carp will be. I once heard a famous carp angler state that, generally, in high pressure carp tend to be higher up in the water, and low down on the bottom during periods of low pressure. This is an interesting point as it gives us a general idea about location. Many carp fishermen don’t think about locating the depth of water carp may be holding up in. Most of us stick to bottom baits on hot summer’s days, and then wonder why they aren’t catching. If we can understand why carp are located in different areas then we can adapt our tactics to achieve a better catch rate.

In short

It’s important to consider the wind, air pressure, and temperature and oxygen levels as they are inter-related. Constant conditions for a few days could be the key to a successful fishing trip.

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First fishing trip of spring

Hello to all the avid fresh water anglers,

Well…it is spring at last and I can hear the anticipation and excitement in every fresh water angler’s voice that I speak to; everyone is itching to get away from their boring winter routines and get to the water. I am no different! Just think about it…Early in the morning when everything it quite and peaceful, the mist on the water, your camp fire is going and you take a sip your coffee whilst you look over the calm water…heaven…you are startled by the sound of your reel ticking over and you know it’s “GAME ON!”

Our first trip is on the weekend of 9-11 September 2011 at Klub Amigos, Rietspruit dam near Ventersdorp about 70 km from Potchefstroom (GPS Co-ordinates: S:  26° 23′ 44.9″ E:  26° 47′ 28.2″). I have never been to this resort but it looks awesome…very well kept camping sites, plenty for the kids to do and affordable. 

Ok, enough about the venue (I’ll give you feedback after the trip), let’s talk strategy.

 1.       Weather    

It is a little early to tell exactly what the weather will do but according to the extended forecasts the temperature should be mid 20’s during the days and between 2°C and 7°C during the nights. The wind should be NNW 10 – 25 km/h but I think it could be stronger looking at the current conditions. We will be fishing under a waxing moon.

2.       Bait

I have been reading some of the blogs available and it seems that bun spice and stronger flavours could be the in thing, especially if the wind picks up. a Mix of bun spice and sweet flavours were also successful in the past. I’ll have to put my thinking cap on and keep trying until I get it right. I’m thinking of using Supercast’s Cina4, Red and yellow Perdeby, FX, Stuttaford, legend and TCP and/or paint if the weather turns nasty.

I’ll keep it simple on the hook and fish with the Supercast soft floaties (I love the stuff) and cap it with a small white soft dough.

 3.       Distance

This will have to be trial and error. I plan to get a feeding spot going at 80 – 100m. If I don’t have any luck after 4-5 hours I’ll start to work my way deeper.

I guess we will have to wait and see but one thing is for sure, I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.

I decided to start this blog to share my experiences on the freshwater banks of Gauteng, Northwest and the Free state, and to find out what you are doing. I found it very frustrating trying to find information on the internet regarding fishing spots, what tactics to use and other useful information. I know that there are thousands of “weekend warriors” like me that crave more information but struggle to find it. My plan is to share any information I can gather with you, but in order for me to gather this info I’ll need feedback from you on your successes and failures at the water. I made a “Fishing trip feedback form” available to gather this information. (Please see the top menu)

I can’t wait to get all your comments, advice and feedback.

Tight lines!

Your fishing buddy

Here is some info on Rietspruit dam from other anglers:

Rietspruit Dam                                                                      Cee – 06-Feb-2006 17:19

BRM, there are also plenty of muddies. Be sure to use small hooks (0.8) cause bulk of the fish will be on the small side.
For me a sweet white dough with a small floatie works well. I do not dip the baits but use FX / Banjo on the bomb. Trace is either a sliding Rietvlei with a M0 weight or a very short Valldam trace (not longer than 15cm) Fishing at 60m normally helps to get a “kol” going and (normally) produces plenty of fish. If you get them on the bite you will struggle to keep 2 rods in. Goos Luck ! – Outdoor Pages

Rietspruit Dam                                                                  Stanus – 21-Feb-2006 19:15

Uit my ervaring van die dam – ek hengle amper 1x per maand daar- werk degies in honeyglo of fx die beste. Maar daars manne wat sweer by ander geure. Soms byt die vis ok fluks op mieliepit van dieselfde geur. Ek gebruik ‘n rietvleiglystrop. Wat taktiek betref maak ek voerkol op tussen 60 en 80 meter afhangende van die plek langs die damoewer. Daar is egter baie kleinvis – ideaal vir tempohengel. As jy die groteres soek, soek hulle so 30-40 meter anderkant jou kol. Laastens moenie erdwurm weggooi nie, al gaan die klein babers pla.
Geniet die naweek – Outdoor Pages

Rietspruitdam is actually devided into 2 sections. 1. Amigos caravan park (Most popular) and Rietspruit(Across amigos).. You want to go to the amigos side.

firstly, you need to book beforehand. Herewith Amigos caravan park contact details 018 264 2433, 082 785 1749 or email

Club Amigos is divided into 3 blocks. A, B and C.

A Block:
As soon as you enter the boomgate keep right. the slipway is far right and next to the last chalet. The A block is mainly the chalets and caravan points. Fishing space is limited.This block is very crowded.Ablution Blocks and electricity points.

B Block:
As soon as you passed the boomgate keep left…
This block caters for camping and has electrical points. The campsites are divided into pegs (33 i think). The best pegs are 5-7 , 12-17. The ablution blocks are always clean and around peg 13 or so..Another lekka thing about the B-Block is that they have grass to the waterfront.(If water levels are normal).

C Block:
Camping without Electricty and no Ablution facilities.(Actually more a undeveloped piece of land) Can’t say much about this block as I have never camped over here.

As mentioned in previous post, cast between 50m-100m and see where you get the most activity. Single pink sweet floatie with sweet white dough as backing.(Dip in FX)and Supercast M/bom. We have fished distances upto 180m (bait boat)which produced good results. carp +- 2.5kg – 4.5kg.
If you are going with a boat try fishing the dam wall for cats. Small carp heads are always a winner..:-)
For the family:
They have a under roof pool, a trampolien, water slide..

I hope you have a productive fishing weekend and awaiting your report.
PS: I was at Rietspruitdam about 2 years ago and the info is based back then.

by bigkano – Sealine